About Us

Hygiene Care is a subsidiary of BIG3 Qatar, an International Remote & Multi Site Life Support Company, Hygiene Care was formed with the objective of supplying the highest quality Hygiene Products and Disposables, to discerning clients and providing high-quality services at a competitive prices. Hygiene Care has Corporate Offices and Distribution Centers in Saudi, Riyadh

Our Mission

Hygienecare KSA is dedicated to operational excellence, safety and reliability, in order to provide quality services to our clients and customers. Hygienecare KSA has a fundamental belief and goal to ensure all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, clients, customers, service providers, suppliers) are treated with respect, integrity and honesty.

Hygienecare KSA will work diligently, competently and honourably to ensure the highest level of service in order to ensure total client satisfaction.

Hygienecare KSA will not compromise on safety, hygiene and best practices and will ensure good governance, transparency, responsibility and accountability, to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

Hygienecare KSA is dedicated to corporate social responsibility, towards improving energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impacts.

Hygienecare KSA will provide meaningful employment to indigenous workforces by developing and assisting people and communities where we operate. Hygienecare KSA is an equal opportunities company and observes a non discrimination policy in respect of nationality, religion, age or sex.

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